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Course Programme 2014

1. Cruinneas agus scríobh na Gaeilge 114th - 15th February 2014  (Fully Booked)
2. Local History and Folklore 22nd - 25th April 2014(Vacancies)
3. Irish Language and Guided HeritageWalks 2nd-5thMay 2014(Vacancies)
4. Irish Language, Set Dancing, Poetry and Art Irish Language, Set Dancing, Poetry and Art 7th-12th July 2014(Vacancies)
5. Irish for Beginners 14th-19th July 2014(Vacancies)
6. Irish for Post Beginners / Intermediate 14th-19th July 2014(Vacancies)
7. Irish Conversation Course (Advanced and Higher Intermediate Levels) 11th-16th August 2014(Vacancies)
8. Writing Skills / Translation / Grammar Course 11th-16th August 2014(Vacancies)
9. Oral fluency in Irish through a study of the literature of Corca Dhuibhne 11th-16th August 2014.(Vacancies)
10. Improve your Written and Oral fluency in Irish (for teachers/students) 11th-16th August 2014(Vacancies)
11. Irish Language,Walking and Food Tasting 10th-12th October 2014(Vacancies)

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