“An Tiaracht” le Jaro Fagan


Ainm / Title: An Tiaracht
Meán / Medium:Grianghrafadóireacht / Photography
Toisí / Measurement: 70 x 40cm
Praghas / Price: €250.00

Nóta Beathaisnéise / Biographical note:

When I was a young boy, a lot of my free time was spent somehow involved in nature. I came to Ireland in 2006 with my wife Ingrid, and in our spare time, we explore the beautiful Irish countryside and enjoy the wildlife.
After a while, I had the urge and desire to immortalize all the beauty around us, so in 2012 I bought my first camera.

From this moment on, my love for capturing the nature and animals developed also.Now, most of my relaxation time is spent photographing the flora and fauna and magnificent landscape of West Kerry.
Moments spent in nature are the best relaxation for me.

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