“Cathaoir dathanna do leanaí” le Brendán Ó Conchúir


Ainm / Title: Cathaoir dathanna do leanaí
Meán / Medium: Adhmadoireacht
Toisí / Measurement: 37x57x29cm
Praghas / Price: € 150.00

Nóta Beathaisnéise / Biographical note:
I live in Ballydavid. I started making timber furniture on a part time basis after building my own house. From there my interest in timber work grew and now many years later I have settled on making heirloom traditional children’s chairs. I use up cycled material., where possible and dye the twine to get the different colors. The timber used for this chair comes from pews in the local church when it was been refurbished a few years back.

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