The crosswords in this section are old style, in the sense that they revert to a previous system of putting a dot over the consonant, to indicate aspiration (séimhiú), and using an old style Gaelic font. Under this system Ḃ is a 2-letter word, whereas its modern equivalent is UBH, a 3-letter word. Although the old writing style is used, modern spellings are used throughout.

We use a 40-letter alphabet comprising the 26 standard letters, plus 5 guta fada and 9 consan buailte. At one time some letters (j,k,q,v,w,x,y,z) were not part of the Gaelic alphabet, but this is no longer the case.


In addition to the usual crossword clue, extra information is presented to help the reader, for example 

  • cells that contain a síneadh fada or a consan buailte are identified for the reader, 
  • any individual solution word can be revealed in the course of the game,
  • an individual word may be checked at any stage — no need to wait until all words are completed, 
  • a brief English clue is available, though its use incurs a half-score penalty,
  • you may play against the clock, and it may be paused,
  • the crossword may the downloaded in paper PDF format, and
  • on-line Irish-English and English-Irish dictionaries may be consulted.

The layout of the crossword may change so as to fit on small screen devices.

Entering letters from the Keyboard 

A simple system is used to enter the guta fada and the consan buailte (non-keyboard characters). As the reader already knows the cells where these characters are, a simple A in a cell with a sineadh fada sign will automatically be converted to Á. Similarly a B will be converted to Ḃ in cells where a dot is indicated. Thus the Shift, Ctrl, Alt, AltGr etc keys are not used.

Further Information

Further background information about the old-style crossword may be found as follows 

  • a talk on how this crossword was put on-line here on Youtube
  • a technical description of how the crossword is created at here on Youtube.
  • a history of printing the Gaelic character here.
  • the Gaelic font that is used Gaelchlo.

These crosswords were first published in the free publicity magazine West & Mid Kerry Live (Corca Dhuibhne Beo) which is widely distributed every fortnight.

New Crossword on the 1st and 15th of every month. 

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