Going walking? Please observe the following!

  1. Wear sturdy walking boots.  Bring a waterproof jacket, cap and gloves, food and drink.
  2. Bring additional food, a hot drink, spare warm dry clothing, torch, whistle and mobile phone on longer walks.
  3. Keep your mobile switched off for the duration of the walk. 
  4. Carry a map and compass and be competent in their use if there is no walk leader.
  5. If you are part of a group keep the group in sight and do as the walk leader advises.
  6. Be aware that you may be on private land.  Respect property and close all gates behind you.
  7. Leave no trace, only your footprint.  Bring all your litter home.
  8. Do not obstruct gateways, private entrances or narrow roads.
  9. Shop locally for provisions – support the local economy.
  10. Call 999 or 112 in case of emergency.